I am a workout freak who is ripped, but I love big girls who giggle. They make me wet just looking at them

I am super conservative and what people don’t know is I put on sexy cam shows for anyone who wants to watch. People around me have no idea

I met the lead singer of this well known death metal band I really like and I cant stop fantasizing about him. I caught him stareing at me and he approached me by rubbing my shoulders while my back was turned. I wish he could of taken me to his tour bus and fuck the shit out of me. At least I have a badass picture we both took together :D

im a sexy young brunette pale freckled skin big blue eyes often called a porcelain doll big tits tiny waist cute butt curved back tight pussy someone get kinky with me (freaky in bed)

I don’t think I’ve ever had an orgasm. It feels so good and I get all the buildup and my toes curl and I scream and stuff but I’m always 100% aware of everything and I’ve never had that big moment; its like a ton of buildup and then I’m just done.

thephilanderer asked:
Happy to add my support unanonymously! Love that you have so many confessions posted. Love to check back whether there's pictures or not. Your submitters' stories never fail to get me off. (And it turns me on to see my own confessions reposted.) Thanks, and keep up the good work.

Thank you so much :)

A few sex partners after my ex I realized her sex wasn’t good at all, BUT She was very open and tried her best. She also had PERFECT breast and sucked balls better than any girl til this day even tough her oral was bad. I just wish i could have her join me and my current gf. Just so I can suck those nipples, then fuck my gf and come on my exes perfect breast, then my current gf could rub her huge prefect breast on her cum covered tittys. Damn. I’m hard thinking about it.

I cheated on my “girlfriend” twice this year and I felt like shit and stopped but as it turns out she was lying to me about where she was and what she was doing since we started “dating”. So I don’t feel all that bad anymore

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I'm a happily married man, but I know that of sucked more cocks in my like than my wife has in hers. Most of the ones I've sucked happened after we were married.


Anonymous asked:
i'd really like a threesome with a woman and a transwoman.